College Counseling 

At Salesian High School, preparing our students for college is a top priority. Our program is rigorous and we offer support and guidance throughout a student’s high school career. Below is an outline of the basic tasks accomplished each year toward the college process: 

9th Grade
  • Administration of PSAT 8/9 in October
  • Take school work seriously!
  • Do homework
  • Study for exams
  • Meet with teachers for extra help
  • Join clubs, sports teams, do volunteer work—get involved!
10th Grade
  • Administration of PSAT/NMSQT in October
  • Keep working on the academic foundation set during freshman year; this could mean continuing to do well academically or improving low scores and effort
  • Stay involved! Now is the time to find out what you really enjoy and stick with it.
  • Begin researching potential college majors and careers
11th Grade
  • This is the most important time for you to show a college what you can do academically, as these are the last set of grades listed on your record before sending all applications.
  • Keep building your extracurricular “resume”—take on leadership positions within clubs or sports teams, get a job or volunteer. Everything counts!
  • October: administration of PSAT/NMSQT
  • February: classroom presentations by counselors about college research, standardized testing, and the application process, and students will begin working on their college essays with their English teachers
  • March: parents can schedule an individual family meeting to discuss the college process with their son’s counselor
  • Review the SAT and ACT testing schedules for this spring. Sign up to take at least one test and come up with a study plan (on your own, take a course, get a private tutor, or a combination)
  • Research and visit: use resources to research, evaluate, and draft a college list. Schedule visits, talk to current college students, etc. Take advantage of school breaks and the two excused college visit absences you are eligible for.
12th Grade
  • By September, students should have a list of 6-9 colleges to apply to by December 1. Make sure the list is realistic for you based on your test scores and GPA
  • Use the early fall to fill out your applications and write any supplemental essays; all Salesian students submit their applications by December 1
  • Register for and take additional standardized tests if necessary (December is the last realistic testing date for seniors)
  • Families should begin filling out the FAFSA (financial aid application) at home,  beginning October 1st, to be submitted, ideally, with the college applications
  • Keep track of all paperwork or requests from colleges. Students will need all acceptance and financial aid letters handy as they decide where to attend
  • Re-visit any colleges you are seriously considering attending—do not deposit at a school without ever having been there
  • Pay the enrollment deposit at the school of your choice by the national deadline: May 1
  • Keep your grades, attendance and behavior up all year! Colleges can rescind an acceptance at any point, for poor performance in any of these areas.

Planning for college can feel like a daunting task but at Salesian High School, we work closely with our students to help with the process, answer questions and provide guidance along the way. Here is information about visiting colleges and some resources to assist with your college search, financing college and college testing.

Visiting Colleges

Visiting various types of college campuses is by far the most useful form of research a student and their family can do in the process. You can learn so much from an in-person information session and tour, and visiting is the highest form of demonstrating interest in a college, which can be a major factor in an admissions decision. 

During both junior and senior years, students are eligible for two excused absences to go visit colleges. In order for an absence to be excused, the student must:

  1. Have the “College Visit Form” (available below and in the Guidance office) signed by each teacher they will miss that day, and turn the form in to their counselor
  2. Have a parent/guardian email their guidance counselor that the student will be attending a college visit that day—we need this in writing for the attendance office

Both of these items must be provided to a student’s guidance counselor BEFORE the day of the actual visit in order for the absence to be excused. Phone calls the day of will not be honored and unexcused absences cannot be changed after the fact. There are no exceptions.

Note: Excused absences for college visits do not excuse students from work they missed, assignments that are due, or tests/quizzes that took place. Students are responsible to coordinate makeup work with teachers and turn in assignments ahead of time.

Annual College Tour Trip

The Guidance Department works with the company, Campus Tours, to provide an opportunity for our students to travel to up to six prestigious colleges and universities, over two days each fall. At each school, students get an information session, campus tour, and get to have a meal in the dining hall. The group will stay overnight at a hotel in the area and continue the tour, seeing another set of schools the following day. Information regarding each year’s tour is sent out to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in August prior to the visit.

Previously visited schools: Boston College (MA), Bryant University (RI), Catholic University (D.C.), Georgetown University (D.C.), Lasell College (MA), Quinnipiac University (CT), Regis College (MA), Sacred Heart University (CT), Swarthmore College (PA), Temple University (PA), Towson University (MD), Villanova University (PA)


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Salesian High School is proud to be a part of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York.

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